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On February 10, 2007, then-senator Barack Obama revealed his governmental candidateship in Springfield, standing on the grounds of the Old State Capitol. Senator Obama also used the Old State Capitol in Springfield as a backdrop when he announced Joe Biden as his running mate on August 23, 2008. Check Here For More [edit] Satellite image of Springfield taken from ESA Sentinel-2 Found within the central area of Illinois, Springfield is 80 miles (130 km) northeast of St.

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The Champaign/Urbana location is to the east, Peoria is to the north, and Bloomington, Normal is to the northeast. Decatur is 40 miles (64 km) due east. Topography [edit] The city is at an elevation of 558 feet (170 m) above sea level. According to the 2010 census, Springfield has a total area of 65.

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33 km2), of which 59. 48 square miles (154. 05 km2) (or 90. 44%) is land and 6. 284 square miles (16. 28 km2) (or 9. 56%) is water. The city is situated in the Lower Illinois River Basin, in a big area understood as Till Plain. Sangamon County, and the city of Springfield, are in the Springfield Plain subsection of Till Plain.

The bulk of the Lower Illinois River Basin is flat, with relief extending no more than 20 feet (6. 1 m) in many locations, including the Springfield subsection of the plain. The differences in topography are based on the age of drift. The Springfield and Galesburg Plain subsections represent the earliest drift, Illinoian, while Wisconsinian drift led to end moraines on the Bloomington Ridged Plain subsection of Till Plain.

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It was built and completed 1935 by damming Lick Creek, a tributary of the Sangamon River which streams past Springfield's northern outskirts. The lake is used mostly as a source for drinking water for the city of Springfield, also offering cooling water for the condensers at the power plant on the lake.

The term "complete pool" describes the lake at 560 feet (170. 7 m) above water level and shows the level at which the lake starts to stream over the dam's spillway, if no gates are opened. Normal lake levels are generally someplace listed below full pool, depending upon the season. Throughout the drought from 1953 to 1955, lake levels dropped to their historical low, 547.

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